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News from May, 2020

Waiting for Slackware 15

Published on 2020-05-24 at 19:39:12 by  Georgi Sotirov

Would this be the year for Slackware 15? I really hope so, because I'm not building packages for -current (since it's moving constantly) and it became harder to build new packages for Slackware 14.2, which is already almost 4 years old (released 2016-07-01). This is quite long for a modern operating system, because software releases now move faster than ever. As I wrote back in 2018 there were already big enough (and long awaited) changes for a new release in -current, but then came the financial woes for Patrick and I started supporting the distribution also financially in a hope that it would continue to exist and manage new releases. I also encouraged others to become patrons).

Of course, we'll have to wait some more until the new release is fully ready. However, I already started preparing for the new release. I've recently bought a second hand Dell PowerEdge R330 and moved my build server over it. I'm pleased with its performance so far and I hope it would allow me to build more packages more quickly in future. I'll have to think about build automation, but this requires also usage of a modern version control system. So, in February and March I managed to migrate all my build scripts from CVS (see my old and no longer used CVS repository) to Git and GitHub (see my SlackBuilds, but beware these are not self-sufficient - you'll need slack-package.conf file, which I still haven't found the time to migrate). I also manage to add some packages that I should have built long ago like xrdp and today open-vm-tools. I hope I'll add even more packages, because Slackware 15 should include some of the packages I'm currently building, so I won't have to build these anymore.

So until we're waiting for Slackware 15 stay safe and keep going with what makes you happy!