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News for 2017

Paramiko 2.2, Cryptography 1.8 and MySQL Workbench

Published on 2017-06-18 at 22:23:24 by  Georgi Sotirov

Like last December I have again omitted some new requirements for Paramiko 2.2 and Cryptography 1.8, so the functionality for SSH connections in MySQL Workbench was unfortunatelly broken again. Apparently, Parmiko 2.2.0 requires bcrypt and PyNaCl modules and in Cryptography 1.8 the module PyASN1 was replaced with asn1crypto. Since I'm trying to provide all the necesary dependncies I had to add 3 new packages to the SlackPack repository, so the depdency tree for Paramiko has effectively become:

Thus it's now necesary to install 3 Python pacakges more just for having SSH connections working in MySQL Workbench, but this should be handled by automtic tools.

Be happy!

All about MySQL

Published on 2017-03-12 at 20:15:00 by  Georgi Sotirov

With the addition of MySQL Shell earlier this week and MySQL Router in November last year, SlackPack 14.2 repositories now offer the whole range of current MySQL community software, inclduing:

This continues the tradition of SlackPack for offering the latest community software from MySQL no matter who owns the company. For older versions of Slackware SlackPack offers all of the above, except the two mentioned in the top paragraph, because they become available only later. Packages for some now deprecated and desupported software (such as MySQL Administrator, MySQL Control Center, MySQL GUI Tools and MySQL Query Browser) are still available although their usage is strongly disadvised as these are very old, not guranteed to work and were already replaced completely by MySQL Workbench.

All of the software listed above comes under the terms of GNU GPL license, version 2, so use it based on yor personal understanding and preferences for free software and software usability in general.


Split of latest packages for 32 and 64 bits and others

Published on 2017-01-07 at 17:42:13 by  Georgi Sotirov

Slackware is either 32 or 64 bit (unless you're using multilib) and SlackPack provides some packages (e.g. Skype) only in 32 bit version, because the vendor does not provide 64 bit version. So I decided to split the 'Latest packages' list in two - for 32 and 64 bit packages as you're normally interested in either, but not both. The old feed is still available, but you could now update the URL and use either of the feeds for 32 or 64 bit packages.

In addition to this Advanced search was fixed (so "Latest only" option works again). And News calendar is now groupped by years. Also many of the links on the site (and in the news) were fixed or updated to avoid not found (i.e. 404) errors or redirects.

Update 2017-01-09: A small adition to Quick search Advanced search is the possibiltiy for exact match of the terms between double quotes (").

Happy New Year! Keep the faith!