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News for 2013

Slackware 14.1 Released!

Published on 2013-11-08 at 10:00:00 by  Georgi Sotirov

Yesterday, The Slackware Linux Project announced the availablity of the next release from the 14.x series, which is a result of over a year of planning, development, and testing. Here is a list of notable changes:

  • System:
    • UEFI support (x86-64 only)
    • USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), ACPI, PCMCIA, and Cardbus support (for grat experince on a laptop)
    • Kernel 3.10.17 (for advanced performance )
    • GNU LibC 2.17 (that has excellent compatibitliy with existing binaries)
  • Services:
    • ISC BIND 9.9.3
    • Apache 2.4.6
    • MariaDB 5.5.32 (replaces MySQL)
  • Development:
    • GCC 4.8.2 (the default compiler for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran and Ada)
    • LLVM 3.3. and CLang (as alternative C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++ compilers)
    • Perl 5.18.1
    • PHP 5.4.20
    • Python 2.7.5
    • Subversion 1.7.13
    • git 1.8.4
    • mercurial 2.7.2
    • Qt Designer
    • KDevelop 4.5.2
  • X desktop and environments:
    • X11R7.7 (X.Org server 1.14.3 with many improvements to performance and hardware support)
    • KDE 4.10.5 (with Qt 4.8.5)
  • Browsers:
    • Firefox ESR 24.1
    • Konqueror 4.10.5
    • Seamonkey 2.21 (as a replacement for Mozilla Suite)

You could read the official announcement and the release notes, but if upgrading do not forget to check the file CHANGES_AND_HINTS, which contains information about packages added, removed, renamed, and/or split during the development cycle from the previous stable release. The file also contains information about changes in the system important for packagers.

Of course, you could buy Slackware on a CD set or deluxe dual-sided DVD at Slackware Store, which offers also branded products (like t-shirts, caps, pins, etc.), so you could identify yourself to your fellows.

Enjoy using ;-)