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Please, donate to Slackware and Patrick

Published on 2018-08-01 at 22:10:15 by  Georgi Sotirov

As it become clear last week, Slackware's creator and maintainer Patrick Volkerding, is having financial woes after Slackware's Store stopped paying him money. The man is practically broke not being able to do home and car repairs, take care of his health and keep doing the Slackware project, which requires new hardware and spare time.

I never really liked the store and I now have the reason to hate it. I remember trying to buy something in the past. I placed the order, but then received nothing. Apparently, they didn't deliver to Bulgaria, which is fine, because I could always burn CDs or DVDs, print T-shirts, etc. Anyway, this really wasn't my way for supporting Slackware.

In the thread Donating to Slackware on LinuxQuestions a lot has been written in the past 10 days and I would save myself from suggesting how Slackware should be managed, how money should be raised, etc. The most important is that there is now an official way to donate money electronically, which is via Patrick's personal PayPal account. The other official way (if you are in the US) is to send money via the post. So to summarize the official ways for donating to Slackware and Patrick are:

If you use or used Slackware, if you like the distribution or if you are just a normal human please, consider donating to the project and help the man that build it and continues to develop it although in difficult financial situation. I hope more ways for supporting the project would be made available in future and published on, so that even more people could become aware and participate.

Please, support Slackware!