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News from October, 2008

Back in business

Published on 2008-10-18 at 11:37:15 by  Georgi Sotirov

For some time I was unable to build packages not only that I'm beening very bussy all this year, but also because I didn't have machine on which to build packages. I'm still being bussy, but now I have what I need - a new machine with VMWare Server hosting all versions of Slackware, for which I build packages. This will also allow me to react fast when new Slackware release gets out.

I'll continue support Slackware 11 from some more time (probably to the end of the year), but my primary goal now is to update my Slackware 12 repository and to create my new Slackware 12.1 repository. At fist I'll start by rebuilding all my current Slackware 12 packages. Keep tuned for them.

Enough talking - let’s get started. You can find lots of new and updated packages in the following days and in future. Enjoy!