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Package details for Siemens Filesystem 0.5 for Intel i486 (2)

This package is for Slackware version, which reached end of life on 2012-08-01. This means that security patches will no longer be provided for it. If you are still using Slackware 10.2 we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version (preferably as recent as possible).

Name: siefs (Siemens Filesystem)
Version: 0.5
Architecture: Intel i486
Build: 2
Format: Slackware 10.2

Homepage ext^
Release date: 2005-04-05

SieFS is a virtual filesystem for accessing Siemens mobile phones' memory (flexmem or MultiMediaCard) from Linux. Now you can mount your phone (by datacable or IRDA) and work with it like with any other removable storage.
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LicenseGPL v2 ext^
Category: Library
Series: l (Libraries. Dynamically linked libraries required by many other programs.)
SlackBuild: No
From binary release: No



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