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Package details for HDD Temperature 0.3b15 for Intel i486

This package is for Slackware version, which reached end of life on 2012-08-01. This means that security patches will no longer be provided for it. If you are still using Slackware 11.0 we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer version (preferably as recent as possible).

Name: hddtemp (HDD Temperature)
Version: 0.3b15
Architecture: Intel i486
Build: 1
Format: Slackware 11.0

Homepage ext^
Release date: 2006-04-25

hddtemp is a small utility that gives you the temperature of your hard drive by reading S.M.A.R.T. informations (for drives that support this feature). This package also contains the device database and the GkrellM 2 plguin.
Note: Only recent hard drives have a temperature sensor.

LicenseGPL v2 ext^
Category: Daemon
Series: ap (Various applications that do not require the X Window System.)
SlackBuild: Yes, included
From binary release: No


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