Georgi Sotirov's Projects

This year I'll be migrating all my personal projects to GitHub.

Desktop Applications

DAC - Dish Antenna Calculator

This is the project that I wrote to illustrate my brother's diploma thesis. The application calculates the parameters of a VSAT dish antenna and shows some nice graphics and schemes.


Parameters input  Radiation pattern

SiVi - Signal Visualizer

Another project with which I helped my brother. SiVi is an MDI application that could save, load and visualize sinusoidal, triangular or combined signals with different amplitude and frequency.


SiVi MDI  Combined signal  Sinosuidal with amplitued 5 and frequency 680 Hz


DNetMod - DeviceNet Module

My diploma project that I continue supporting. It's a C++ library using the C API of DeviceNet™ interfaces. The goal of the project is to simplify the use of DeviceNet™ interfaces by providing a universal way of communication between your application, the interfaces and the devices in a DeviceNet™ network.

Web Applications

7 Klas

A database with information about schools and classes for application after 7-th grade with class rankings. A single-page web application in Angular allowing ranking of students based on information about their NEA results and marks to calculate student's rank. The ranking is done compared to the minimal class ranks from previous years' campaigns.

Interest Calculator

The application calculates the interest on deposit accounts for a given period and shows the account balance. It can calculate both simple and compound interest.

Mortgage Calculator

With this calculator you can calculate both monthly annuity payment and the amount you can get for a given mortgage. It also can show amortization schedule.


This is the site of my home server. Its main purpose is to inform the user of his existence and to direct the user to the hosted pages and applications. It provides information about the status of the machine and statistical info about the used resources.

Personal pages

Mine personal pages. Contains information about me and the things I do.

The site of a firm for production of confectionery.


HR Schema

An example HR database for management of company's organization, employees, etc.

MySQL Play

My MySQL playground including example schemas, examples of new features, experimental queries, test cases, utility routines, etc.

Le Mans 24

A small schema for statistics on 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race with extractor for results from Wikipedia.


Bugzilla in Bulgarian

This is the official translation of Bugzilla in Bulgarian as part of the Bulgarian Mozilla community, that targets quality translation and localization of the Mozilla Organization products.


Slackware packages

I use Slackware Linux since 2001. From the beginning of 2005 I've start building packages for my machine and I've decided to share them. You can visit SlackPack - the site devoted to my Slackware packages.


Multi Router Configuration Backup (MRCB)

MRCB is a utility to back up the configuration of multiple MikroTik devices on the network on a regular basis by keeping new configuration only if it differs from the last one.

Simple PowerShell Backup (SPSB)

SPSB is a utility for creation of timestamped backups of files and folders as Zip archives. The purpose of the script is to back up a whole folder or a single file from a Windows machine to a network share (Samba) as timestamped Zip archives. It's intended to be run regularly as a scheduled task or at system events like user log off or system shutdown.