Georgi Sotirov's Personal Pages: Glossary


This glossary contain terms used in my personal pages, which I consider can be unclear, information for them missing or can be found with some effort.


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See GraphTalk™ A.I.A



DeviceNet™ is digital, device-level network used for industrial automation. It connects industrial controllers with Input/Output devices and defines the communication between them. Each device on the network is called node. Currently a network can consist of up to 64 nodes.

DeviceNet™ today is one of the leading industrial networks with over 40% share on the market.

For more info visit ODVA.


Ellipsometric porosimetry

Ellipsometric porosimetry is a measurement technique which allows porosity and pore size distribution of thin porous films to be determined. This technique is invented by Dr. Mikhail Baklanov.

For more details see Denis Shamiryan's article on Ellipsometric porosimetry.



GraphTalk™ Developer Language is a Prolog based object-oriented language used in GraphTalk™ Developer.

GraphTalk™ Developer

GraphTalk™ Developer is an object-oriented programming environment and deployment platform. The main programming language is GDL.

GraphTalk™ A.I.A©

GraphTalk A.I.A© is an insurance framework. It is a total solution that is addressed to all actors of the insurance whatever their size or their specialization.