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Server replacement

Published by Georgi Sotirov at 2020-06-17 20:50:44 UTC, changed at 2020-06-17 21:10:42 UTC

New server picture

Today, between 18:40 and 20:00 EEST the server was not accessible, because I was finally able to move the system to the new machine (Dell PowerEdge R340). The operation took so long, because I wanted to copy the bootable SSD disk to the new drive that came with the server, but I was not able to install it - a special bracket is required to fit 2.5'' SSDs into Dell's 14th generation 3.5'' carriers.

After I moved all the drives I got myself into cabling, which took me some more time although my new rack is well organized. I first chose patch cables with the wrong length and then I had to reorganize some existing cables, so I could fit around the new ones.

The first boot was smooth as expected with the default kernel, but I forgot to comment out the persistent interface rules of udev for the network adapters of the previous machine, so the server was without network. After fixing it I decided to reboot once again to test that everything would get up properly.

I had to tune several other things after the server was up, but nothing that would disrupt its normal work. The server is now ready to serve its purpose.