Contact Details

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Name: Georgi Dimitrov Sotirov
Country: Bulgaria (BG)
Current address:
1784 Sofia
Mladost 4 ...
Personal mobile: +359 88 837 18 17
Email: (remove the underscore before the @ sign)
Preferred way for communication: Personal mobile

Personal Information

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Birthday: 19 October 1979
Birth place: Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
Availability: Full or Part time, Project
Driving license: Yes, active dirver
Military service: Completed
Would relocate to another town: Yes, temporarily
Would relocate to another country: Yes, temporarily



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Name: Technical University of Sofia
Department: Faculty of Computer Systems and Control, Department of Computer Systems
Major: Computer systems and technologies
Degree: Bachelor (BA)
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Period: September 1998 - June 2002

High School

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Name: School of Machanical and Electrical Technics Acad. S. P. Korolev
Major: Electric equipment of industrial enterprises
Location: Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
Period: September 1994 - May 1998


Programming Languages

C, C++, JavaScript®, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Prolog, Shell

Markup languages


Stylesheet languages


Development Environments

Borland® C++Builder™, Borland® Delphi™, GraphTalk™ Developer, KDevelop (Gideon), Microsoft® VisualC++®, Turbo® C/C++, Turbo® Pascal, Watcom™ C/C++

Development Tools

Bugzilla, CVS, Subversion, make

Data Bases and Modeling


Operating Systems

Linux, Windows, DOS

Communication Interfaces

DeviceNet™, SNMP, TCP/IP

Spoken Languages

Bulgarian, English

Additional Qualifications

July 2003 - August 2003

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Title: GraphTalk and A.I.A Developer
Organization: Computer Sciences Corporation
Description: The course prepeares the students to work with GraphTalk Developer and introduces them in developing GraphTalk A.I.A Application.


Name Date Authority
PHP 5 2006-08-15 Brainbench
HTML 3.2 2006-08-16 Brainbench
RDBMS Concepts 2006-09-18 Brainbench

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Employment History

December 2006 - present

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Position: C/C++/SQL Programmer
Organization: Codix Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 5-10 people

October 2005 - November 2006

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Position: Senior Programmer
Organization: Object Builder Software Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 15 people
Duties: Development and coordination of the development of software in the insurance field.

July 2003 - October 2005

Parameter Data
Position: Programmer
Organization: Object Builder Software Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: between 5 and 20 people
Duties: Software development in the insurance field.

May 2002 - January 2003

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Position: C/C++ Programmer
Organization: Xpeqt
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 5 people
Duties: Designing, coding, testing and documenting of a module (plugin) to be integrated in software for machine control. The purpose of the module is to communicate with DeviceNet™ devices.
Reason for leaving: Stuff cut down due to business stagnation.

September 2001 - March 2002

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Position: Technical Collaborator
Organization: Bulgarian Information Technologies
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 8 people
Duties: Technical support of the company's clients and writing of Perl scripts for the company's servers.

Sample Projects

June 2002 - September 2002

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Name: EP-12
Description: EP-12 is Ellipsometric Porosimeter and has the capability of measuring 200 and 300 mm wafers.
Duration: 4 months
Technologies used: Ellipsometric Porosimetry, DeviceNet™, C/C++
Position: C/C++ Programmer
Team size: about 25 people
Company: Xpeqt
Company description: The company is a manufacturer of a broad line of testing, handling, characterization and diagnostics equipment for the microelectronics and electronics industry.


Note: References available on request.