Contact Details

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Name: Georgi Dimitrov Sotirov
Country: Bulgaria (BG)
Current address:
1715 Sofia
Mladost quarter
Personal mobile: +359 88 837 18 17
Email: (remove the underscore before the @ sign)
Preferred contact method: Personal mobile

Personal Information

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Birthday: 19 October 1979
Birth place: Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
Preferred employment type: Full time
Driving license: Yes, active driver



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Name: Technical University of Sofia
Department: Faculty of Computer Systems and Control, Department of Computer Systems
Major: Computer systems and technologies
Degree: Bachelor (BA)
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Period: September 1998 – June 2002

High School

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Name: School of Mechanical and Electrical Technics Acad. S. P. Korolev
Major: Electric equipment of industrial enterprises
Location: Dupnitsa, Bulgaria
Period: September 1994 – May 1998


Programming Languages

C, C++, JavaScript®, Pascal, Perl, PHP, PL/SQL, Prolog, Shell

Web Development


Development Environments

Borland® C++Builder™, Borland® Delphi™, Eclipse CDT, GraphTalk™ Developer, KDevelop, Microsoft® VisualC++®, Turbo® C/C++, Turbo® Pascal, Watcom™ C/C++

Development Tools

Bugzilla, JIRA
CVS, Subversion, Mercurial (Hg), Git
make, CMake

Data Bases and Modelling

SQL, MySQL, Oracle
MySQL Workbench, Oracle SQL Developer

Operating Systems

Linux, Unix, Windows, DOS

Virtualisation Technology

VMware, qemu

Communication Interfaces

DeviceNet™, SNMP, TCP/IP

Spoken Languages

Bulgarian, English

Additional Qualifications

July 2003 – August 2003

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Title: GraphTalk and A.I.A Developer
Organization: Computer Sciences Corporation
Description: The course prepares the students to work with GraphTalk Developer and introduces them in developing GraphTalk A.I.A Application.


Name Date Authority
PHP 5 2006-08-15 Brainbench
HTML 3.2 2006-08-16 Brainbench
RDBMS Concepts 2006-09-18 Brainbench

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Employment History

October 2012 – Present

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Position: Development manager
Organization: Codix Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 5-10 people
Duties: Management of development process in the company, definition of rules and procedures, development of internal systems and tools to facilitate development process

January 2008 – October 2012

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Position: Team Leader
Organization: Codix Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 15-20 people
Duties: Management of a virtual team of developers with specific domain expertise spread in three different geographical locations

December 2006 – December 2007

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Position: C and SQL Developer
Organization: Codix Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 5-10 people
Duties: Development of iMX software in Pro*C and PL/SQL

October 2005 – November 2006

Parameter Data
Position: Senior Programmer
Organization: CSC (former OBS [Object Builder Software] Bulgaria)
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 15 people
Duties: Development and coordination of the development of software in the insurance field.

July 2003 – October 2005

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Position: Programmer
Organization: CSC (former OBS [Object Builder Software]) Bulgaria
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 5-20 people
Duties: Software development in the insurance field.

May 2002 – January 2003

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Position: C/C++ Programmer
Organization: Xpeqt
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 5-25 people
Duties: Designing, coding, testing and documenting of a module (plug-in) to be integrated in software for machine control. The purpose of the module is to communicate with DeviceNet™ devices.
Reason for leaving: Stuff cut down due to business stagnation.

September 2001 – March 2002

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Position: Technical Collaborator
Organization: (Bulgarian Information Technologies)
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Team size: 8 people
Duties: Technical support of the company's clients and writing of Perl scripts for the company's servers.

Sample Projects

April 2011 – June 2015

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Name: System for Management of Modifications, Patches and Installations (MMPI)
Description: MMPI aims to centralize and streamline the development and delivery processes in the company by providing common environment where developers, software configuration specialists and project managers/coordinators could collaborate together.
Duration: 4 years and 3 months
Technologies used: Linux, MySQL, Perl
Position: Database Architect, Project Manager
Team size: 5-10 people
Organization: Codix Bulgaria
Organization's description: CODIX is the software company behind iMX – the event-driven enterprise management system, which is the leading software in industries such as Debt Collection, Commercial Finance, Factoring, Asset-Based Lending and Trade Finance.

June 2002 – September 2002

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Name: EP-12
Description: EP-12 is Ellipsometric Porosimeter and has the capability of measuring 200 and 300 mm wafers.
Duration: 4 months
Technologies used: Ellipsometric Porosimetry, DeviceNet™, C/C++
Position: C/C++ Programmer
Team size: about 25 people
Organization: Xpeqt
Organization's description: The company is a manufacturer of a broad line of testing, handling, characterization and diagnostics equipment for the microelectronics and electronics industry.

March 2006 – Present

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Name: SlackPack
Description: Software packages for Slackware Linux OS and front-end web site
Duration: 11 years and continuing
Technologies used: Perl, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, Shell scripting, VMware, qemu
Position: Database architect, Software Developer and System Administrator
Team size: Single person
Organization: Personal project

See also GitHub profile and other personal projects.


Note: References are available on request.