This year I'll be migrating all my personal projects to GitHub.

Desktop Applications

DAC - Dish Antenna Calculator

This is the project that I wrote to ilustrate my brother's diploma thesis. The application calculates the parameters of a VSAT dish antenna and shows some nice graphics and schemes.

Web Applications

Interest Calculator

The application calculates the interest on deposit accounts for a given period and shows the account balance. It can calculate both simple and compaund interest.

Mortgage Calculator

With this calculator you can calculate both monthly annuity payment and the amount you can get for a given mortgage. It also can show amortization schedule.


This is the site of my home server. It's main purpose is to inform the user of his existence and to direct the user to the hosted pages and applications. It provides information about the status of the machine and statistical info about the used resources.

Personal pages

Mine personal pages. Contain information about me and the things I do.

The site of a firm for production of confectionery.


HR Schema

An example HR database for managment of company's organization, employees, etc.


Bugzilla in bulgarian

This is the official trnslation of Bugzilla in Bulgarian as part of the bulgarian Mozilla community, that targets quality translation and localization of the Mozilla Organization products.


Slackware packages

I use Slackware Linux since 2001. From the begining of 2005 I've start building packages for my machine and I've decided to share them. You can visit SlackPack - the site devoted to my Slackware packages.