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Downtime for equipment movement

Published by Georgi Sotirov at 2020-05-30 17:52:46 UTC, changed at 2020-05-30 17:55:54 UTC

New rack picture

Today between 10:40 EEST and 11:40 EEST the server was unavailable as I was moving my equipment to a new server rack. I could have done this faster and in future I plan less downtime, but the important thing is that now all my equipment except the server itself is into the rack. I'm now waiting for the new server to arrive in about 10 days, so I could move the current tower server into the rack.

Earlier this year I noticed that the server is shutting down even though the UPS still has power to support it. So, three weeks ago I changed the batteries, but as everything is connected to it, currently the expected runtime is about 40 minutes at best. However, I had some troubles with the power recently and in one of the cases there was no line power for about 2 hours (due to accident). I'm now considering increasing the runtime of my systems on batters or in other words buying a new and more powerful UPS. I'll need more than one to sustain my two servers and network devices for at least 2 hours that is the power interruption I could expect from time to time.

Cheers until I have better news!