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Desktop: Desktop Applications
Dish Antenna Calculator: Dish Antenna Calculator (or DAC) - is a tool for calculation of the parameters of a parabolic antennas for VSAT communications
Signal Visualizer: Signal Visualizer is a small application for visualization of signals and their sums
Other: Miscellaneous Applications
Server: Georgi D. Sotirov's Development and Home Server
Test 1: A test product
Test 2: A test product 2
Ubuntu Linux on Dell: A knowledge base for the usage of Ubuntu Linux on Dell Studio 1555 laptop
Web: Web Applications
Bugzilla-BG: Bugzilla localized in Bulgarian
Interest Calculator: With this calculation you can calculate the gain on your deposit accounts
Mortgage Calculator: This application calculates mortgage monthly payments
SlackPack: SlackPack - Slackware packages

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