Package details for GTK Su UI Library 1.0.7 for Intel i486

Name: libgtksuui1.0
Version: 1.0.7
Release date: 2005-11-05
Build: 1

HomepageVisit  ext^
VendorThe GNU Project  ext^  (Package's list)

GKSu user interface libraray uses the GTK+2 library to show the dialog asking for the target user's password when needed. The application using the library is able to modify the message, the icon and the title of the window GKSu will use.

LicenseLGPL v2 ext^
Architecture: Intel i486
Format: Slackware 10.2
Category: Library
SlackBuild: No
From binary release: No

File info

Filename: libgksuui1.0-1.0.7-i486-1gds.tgz
Filesize: 46.49 KB (47 605 B)
Date: 2006-07-31 @ 21:43:00
MD5 Hash: 6bc14e80634e5bb0d995b85efbc46aa2
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