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Name: scrollkeeper
Version: 0.3.14
Release date: 2003-12-06
Build: 2

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ScrollKeeper is a cataloging system for documentation on open systems. It manages documentation metadata (as specified by the Open Source Metadata Framework(OMF)) and provides a simple API to allow help browsers to find, sort, and search the document catalog. It will also be able to communicate with catalog servers on the Net to search for documents which are not on the local system.

LicenseLGPL v2.1 ext^
Architecture: Intel i486
Format: Slackware 13.1
Category: Development
SlackBuild: Yes, included
From binary release: No

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Filename: scrollkeeper-0.3.14-i486-2gds.tgz
Filesize: 383.92 KB (393 131 B)
Date: 2010-08-07 @ 19:25:00
MD5 Hash: 286ac32308f336a3140aca1c66653103
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Format Version Build Architecture Date/Time Size Details
Slackware 13.1 0.3.14 1 Intel x86-64 2012-04-05 306 KB (313 339 B) View
Slackware 12.1 0.3.14 1 Intel i486 2008-11-30 301.93 KB (309 174 B) View