Package details for LibMatroska 1.1.0

Name: libmatroska
Version: 1.1.0
Release date: 2011-01-30
Build: 1

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Matroska is aiming to become the standard of Multimedia Container Formats one day. It is based on EBML (Extensible Binary Meta Language), a kind of binary version of XML. This way the significant advantages in terms of future format extensability are gained without breaking file support in old parsers.

LicenseLGPL v2.1 ext^
Architecture: Intel i486
Format: Slackware 13.1
Category: Library
SlackBuild: Yes, included
From binary release: No

File info

Filename: libmatroska-1.1.0-i486-1gds.txz
Filesize: 230.58 KB (236 116 B)
Date: 2011-08-07 @ 18:14:58
MD5 Hash: 613e8a5a9d1d97cefa716f7d4a7c391a
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Package history

Version Build Date/Time Size Details
1.0.0 1 2010-09-06 293.01 KB (300 040 B) View

Other formats

Format Version Build Architecture Date/Time Size Details
Slackware 13.37 1.3.0 1 Intel x86-64 2012-02-19 206.43 KB (211 384 B) View
Slackware 13.37 1.3.0 1 Intel i486 2012-02-19 212.4 KB (217 500 B) View