Reorganization of the repositories (part 1)

Published on 2011-10-11 at 22:15:01 by  Georgi Sotirov

For years the SlackPack repositories had a simple layout – one directory for every major Slackware release with all the packages into it. This is going to change, as the repositories grow large, but moreover the packages for different architectures should not be in same folder.

In an ongoing effort the repositories should become more similar to the standard Slackware layout. The steps to this are as follows:

  • Rename the folders to include distribution's name (e.g. "13.37" becomes "slackware-13.37");
  • The packages for Intel x86-64 architecture are going to be placed in dedicated distribution folders (e.g. "slackware64-13.37");
  • The packages are going to be divided in subfolders under the top distribution's folder (e.g. Firefox packages are not going to be under "13.37", but "slackware-13.37/xap");

The first of these steps was sucesfully performed yesterday and the only viable mirror Marla was updated. For now, the old address are still available, but in the web interface only the new ones are used. I hope this has not caused any problems.

Stay tunned!