This page provides general information and server status. The statistics are available only to administrators.

Server picture

General info

OS:           GNU/Linux
Kernel:       Linux 4.4.189
Distribution: Slackware 14.2
Machine:      x86_64
CPU:          Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3420 @ 3.20GHz

Server status

Up since:       2019-08-14 18:33:36 EEST
Up time:        2 days 20 hours 6 minutes 47 second(s)
Power:          On line (AC power)
Battery charge: 100 %
Load average:   0.19 0.22 0.27 (1 of 414 processes running)
Memory:         526.97 MB of 7.48 GB free
Swap:           7.92 GB of 8.00 GB free

Bandwith utilization

Currently 20.72 Kbps of 100000.00 Kbps used
Използван капацитет


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